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Owned by: Robin Clark


From the Toby's Owner:

Toby has truly been a gift from God.  
He is a beast in the field and an angel in the house.  
At three years of age, he has never had an accident in 
the house, never chewed inappropriate items, and is 
the world's finest snuggler.   

Toby has incredible energy in the field, he is a TEAM player, has fabulous work ethic yet a wonderful "OFF" switch.  He is the perfect balance of work, play, and rest!

He finished his OTCH in 3 months, earned perfect score [200] in Open B, has 19 HIT (High-In-Trial), 15 HC (High Combined), 342 OTCH points (at this writing) 19 Open wins, 20 Utility wins.

Judges comments in the field;
"Air Jordan"

"This won't take long"

"What a dog!" 
Contact Robin Clark for more informaton on Breedings with Toby