Reno X Effie Litter
 September 9, 2009

Puppies at HighRoller are whelped in our home where they are exposed to the smells, sights, and sounds of everyday life.  Socialization begins immediately with adults and children and continues throughout the first eight weeks and beyond.  

Early neurological stimulation exercises are performed at days 3-16.  Puppies begin journeying outdoors as soon as they are able, usually about the 3rd week.

Puppies will be challenged with a physically and mentally stimulating environment and exposed to many different people and animals.  Puppies will be exposed to live birds and water (weather permitting), car rides, agility equipment, crates, stairs, gun fire, and tracking before 8 weeks. 

Our puppies are sold with a 26 month written health guarantee.  Effie's puppies are known for outstanding stable temperament, excellent work ethic, good looks and are easy to live with.  

Puppies at HighRoller 
are AKC Registered
Receive Individual Stimulation 
26 Month Written Health Guarantee and Contract
AVID Microchip
Receive Physical Examination by Veterinarian
Lifetime Breeder Support

The Boys at 
two weeks....
Five Days
The Girls at two weeks.......
Teal Boy is living in Midland Michigan with Matt, Kathy and Andrew Morley.  His new name has not been sorted out yet.  Teal will be going hunting with Matt and his son, Andrew.

Kathy is a professional photographer.  Chance's first photo shoot he made the cover for a local Golden Retriever Rescue fundraising campaign.  We look forward to seeing more outstanding photos of this little guy.
HighRoller Miss Money Penny
Leaf Girl went to live in Athens, Georgia and will be learning to hunt with Jessica Marra.
HRCH HighRoller Marshall Matt Dillon** MH WCX CCA CGC
Yellow Boy is in Florida with Hilda Wood.  He is trying out for the K9-SAR Team and doing rather well.  A very outgoing and confident puppy, he has made quite an impression.
HighRoller Speak of the Devil
Brown Girl is with Stefanie Kosinski and her sister, Daisy.  She started out with a different name but as her personality develops we are finding out that she has a sinister side.   I think I see little horns growing above those ears!!
 HighRoller Adrenaline Rush JH WC
Derrick Kozlowski owns and trains this beautiful girl.
Blue Girl is in Libertyville, IL with Glen and Kathy Ihrig.  
HighRoller Gambling Man CD JH WC BN
Owned, trained, and loved by Bobbie Williams
HighRoller Knock Your Socks Off!
Two Socks is living in Michigan with Kathy and Tom Tangney.
He will be doing obedience and agility with Kathy and he has play dates with his brother, Chance.  

HighRoller Harricana Tank MH WC ​
Orange Boy went to live in Roberval Quebec, Canada.   He flew privately to his new residence: click here 
He will be training in the field for competition and guide work with Bernard Roberge.

HighRoller Ganetta's Red Speaks
Black Boy left HighRoller and flew to Louisianna with Ganetta Savoy.
He will be trained in obedience and hunting. 
Reno is one of the greatest sires I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  He is a beautiful red dog overflowing with talent.  So much that he passed lots of it to all his kids!  Reno x Effie produced a very consistent litter of 10 gorgeous red puppies.