Richwood Wing-T Workin' Like A Dog 
Zomarick Lady Starkist CCA
     This breeding is our first blended litter. 

    I met Ballyhoo when he was just 18 months old and fell in love.  He is just lovely with a temperament like butter.  His titles speak for his beauty, correctness, and talent.  Ballyhoo is the perfect representative of his breed in many ways. 

    Tuna has a wonderful temperament and is the perfect family/hunting dog.  She is very focused and able to block out the environment.  Tuna is excellent in the field, has the qualities of a therapy dog, has a wonderful off-switch, and is a great companion.  She has the perfect golden coat; resistant to burs, weather-proof, and dries quickly after water retrieves.  She is a solid 49#s, full dentition, balanced front to back, and has the best tail set I've seen in a field bred golden.  Tuna will be run in field events in Spring 2018 following this litter.  Tuna is a beautiful representation of the field bred golden retriever today.

    Tuna and Ballyhoo complement each other in structure, health, and temperament.  Their genetic diversity should bring vigor to the health of their offspring.  Together, I hope to bring forth a litter that will do well in hunting and performance homes as well as representing themselves in the breed ring.   A dog that will do well in conformation, can go hunting all day, be dry and clean upon arriving to the truck, and at the end of the day, lay comfortably at your feet.   
Back by popular demand.  We are very impressed with our puppies from the first breeding with Bally and Tuna and have decided to do it again.   Reservations are limited.  Serious inquiries only.