SHR HighRoller Rockwood Crazy Horse WCX CD RN

Owned by: Kelly Kosinski
November 1, 2011

​Curlee is a powerful dog with a ton of drive.  He is 23" tall, very balanced front and rear with a nice top line.  His coat is dense and courser than it appears with has full dentition.  Curlee competed once in conformation and took 1st place in his class (12-18 months).  Curlee loves doing obedience and also competes in the field.  He is a joy to train and passes his drive, structure, and desire onto his offspring.  Check out his youngsters on k9-data
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A fun video of Curlee when he was 5 months old at fun hunt.  His first experience at a set up, we threw him in to see how he would do...  He impressed us!  
23" tall
High Drive
Full Dentition
Full clearances -- All clear