Epi X Clyde
Puppies Born June 17, 2013
Rv Atr's Gangstaman MH***


SHR HighRoller Adrenaline Rush JH WC

Dewclaw information.
One of several reasons we no longer remove dewclaws.
Photos of Epi Courtesy of Angela winter
Clyde's Accomplishments:
>National Derby List 2007
>Qualified Al Age 2008
>Master hunter 2009
>All Age Jams & Points
>Amateur Win GRCA 2011 Specialty
Clyde is a stylish dark golden with great water attitude and a load of drive and desire.  He was QAA at age 2 yrs., is on the National Derby list, Master Hunter, Amateur trained and handled.  He is a full time house dog and hunting buddy. 

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As soon as the pups are ready I take them for long walks every day.  Above is a video of the pups at 35 days old.  I am attempting to take them by my self for a walk.  To the right is a video just 3 days later on day 38.  This time the Dam is present to go for a walk with the pups.  The second video represent one of the many many reasons to keep puppies with their Dam and litter mates as long as possible.  Here at HighRoller, we keep puppies at least 9 weeks.  Pups are with their Dam every day until they go to new homes after the ninth week.