Echo X Mako
Puppies due July 10, 2012
Tanbark's Crossfire Hurricane SAR-U1 CD RA WCX MH NJP NAP CCA VC Triathlon 
HighRoller Speak Of The Devil

Puppies will be raised in a rich and stimulating environment.   
 Puppies are introduced to the outside world at a very young age.  

Due to research findings HighRoller will keep all puppies for at least 9 weeks of age and we no longer will remove dewclaws in performance dogs.  

Puppies are introduced to many challenges including swimming, gun fire, birds, different types of terrain, agility equipment, and they are highly socialized with people, dogs, and other animals.  

Weekly pictures and/or video will be posted here weekly.  
Those wanting puppies are encouraged to visit as often as possible and are expected to be involved in choosing their puppy.  
For more information on

this litter please contact:

Kelly Kosinski

8 Puppies Whelped 

July 6, 2012

4  Males

4 Females

One Week Old!
Newborn Video
Girls, Girls, Girls!!!
Boy, Boy, Oh Boys !!
10 Weeks we all went to our new homes!!

Purple Girl
Black Boy
Green Boy
Lime Boy
Pink Girl
Orange Girl
Brown Girl
Blue Boy