AFTCH HighRoller Ocean Daze*** QFTR JFTR 
Owned by: Dave Douglas
Dazja received a JAM in Qualifying and  #4 place in Derby (junior) earning her the title Junior Field Trial Retriever (JFTR)
April 2013
Dazja placed #1 in Derby and #2 in Qualifying at 
Fraser Valley Retriever Training Club in Langley, BC.  
April 2013
In the Derby she did not put a foot out of place!  
She has 11 Derby points so far.
​Deroche, BC Lab Club  First in Junior (Derby)
Second in Qualifying 
She was positive, hard running, and stylish. 
​May 17th Double Stake
Second Junior and Jam Qualifying
Prince George Retriever Club
First Place Qualifying Fraser Valley Training Club
Third Place Qualifying at Alberta Field Trial Club
Alberta Field Trial Club
Youngest dog to finish.  
Picture of Dave and Dazja
Two junior seconds back to back
Logan Lake Trial June 22-23, 2013
Dazja with her Junior Ribbons 2013
May 19, 2013 Prince George Retriever Club
Second in Junior & Jam in Qualifying

Fourth in Derby
First Junior Second Qualifying
Dazja pictured with her Junior (right) and Qualifying ribbons (left) for 2013
First Place Qualifying 
Fraser Valley Training Club
Open JAM!
   At 9 months of age Dazja took 2nd place in her first Derby trial and by
   years end had earned two more 3rd placings and a Jam.

   #1 Golden Retriever (male or female) in Canada
   #3 All Breed Junior in Canada
   #11 In Canada for Qualifying
   Became Qualified All Age*** and earned the titles JFTR and QFTR 
   Received Two 1st, Five 2nd, a 3rd, 4th, and Jam 

   Dazja jammed in All Age Open Prince George 
   Qualified for All-Age National under 3 years of age
   Completed the year with TWO 2nd Placings and Jam
   Received an invitation for 

Open Jam at 34 months taking her into All-Age Stakes.  Within a month Dazja finnished two All-Age Stakes with a Jam and 2nd Place
2014 Qualifying Ribbons the same weekend she recieved a Jam in open preventing her from competing in minor stakes again.
June 3, 2017  Dazja took 3rd place at Red Deer, Alberta Field Trial giving her the remaining points needed for the prestigious title AFTCH

One Amateur win
Second place All Age
Third place Open All Age

Super Awesome little Bitch!!