SHR UCD HighRoller Gone With The Wind CDX JH WC NA NAJ 

Owned By: Stefanie Kosinski
Daisy is an amazing girl.  She not only has drive and style but her work ethic is phenomenal. 

 Before graduating high school, Stefanie, at age 17, took Daisy to be "just a pet".

I encouraged Stef to put a title on her and Daisy proved to be very talented.  
She achieved her titles with little effort and is very motivated in any venue, obedience, agility, hunting, dock-dog.   
Daisy is comfortable in any environment whether she is canoeing in the wilderness or at a busy and stressful obedience show; nothing bothers her.  
She is fast on land going and coming and has an excellent water attitude. 

Effie x Wyatt
Daisy in Ely, MN 5 months old
8 Weeks !!!!!!!! 
Although Stefanie staked claim to Daisy at her birth this photo marks the moment of official ownership.  With a promise to put a title on her, Stef and Daisy set off to train together.  They have surpassed my expectations!!
With Daisy being my first dog, I have been blessed to have her as a partner.  Together, we have learned the sport of obedience, agility, and hunting.  We have also dabbled in dock diving events.  She has surpassed all my expectations in every venue we compete in.  Daisy is a great companion and travels just about anywhere with me.  She has a wonderful golden temperament, very feminine, and has the drive and style money can't buy.  We have begun our utility and tracking training and plan to show by the end of 2009.  Check back for updates!
~Other Photos~
October 10, 2009
Daisy and Echo
I Love my HighRollers