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NDC NMFR RockErin Red River Ruckus***OS
Red X Daisy Litter
July 5th, 2011
As always, these puppies will be raised in a rich and stimulating environment.  As each litter at HighRoller comes and goes I learn more about what is expected of a good breeder and a good breeding.  The first four months of a puppies life are imprinted on them for a lifetime.  The breeder has the huge responsibility of making the majority of those first weeks count.  
Puppies at HighRoller are cared for long before the breeding takes place.  Stress on a bitch can have an impact on the puppies temperament and personality.  Proper diet, exercise and environment are carefully managed prior to breeding.  During pregnancy it is important not to cause any negative stress to the mother as not to flood the growing fetuses with stress hormones.
All puppies are whelped in my living room.  
Early Neurological Stimulation (bio-sensor method) begins at day 3 and continues to day 16.  We also believe in the philosophies of the Puppy Prodigies Neo-Natal and Early Learning Program (
Puppies are introduced to the outside world at a very young age at or about 2-3 weeks (there are no winter litters at HighRoller!!).  They continue to venture outside every single day until they go off to their new homes between 9-10 weeks.  
Due to research findings HighRoller will keep all puppies to at least 9 weeks of age.
Puppies are introduced to many many challenges not limited to but including: water, gun fire, birds, farm animals, lots and lots of different people of all ages and gender, terrain, agility equipment ie; teeter and tunnel etc, stairs, love and fun.  Puppies are started on a BARF (biologically appropriate raw food) diet, worming begins at 2 weeks, first vaccines are given at 9 weeks before puppies leave HighRoller.  Pictures and video are posted at least weekly featuring all that the puppies do when they are here at HighRoller.  New owners are expected to be involved in choosing the right puppy for them.  
Visits are welcome and encouraged.  

We chose this breeding not only for the prodigious field lines behind it but also the obedience and conformation influence. 
Red's Sire, Bart, goes back not only to distinguished field dogs but also has an impressive example of versatile show lines.  Am/Can CH Laurell's Especial Jason Am/Can UDT WC OS SDHF x AM/Can CH Chafa Honeybun of Jungold CDX D WC OD have produced both breed champions and some very influential obedience dogs as well.
Behind Red's dam are some of the top influential field dog's of all time such as FTCH AFTCH Shurmark's Split Decision Am. MH ***OS Can. FDHF, AFC Yankee's Smoke'n Red Devil OS, and AFC Holway Barty OS.
Also, Red is a beautiful and structurally correct stud and proven producer.  His young and upcoming offspring have made him an outstanding sire before their fifth birthday.

Daisy's pedigree brings a nice balance of field, obedience, and versatile conformation lines together as well.  Her Dam, Effie, is exemplary and known to reproduce her exceptional temperament and talents to her offspring making her an Outstanding Dam after only one litter.  
Behind Effie on top is the famous AFC AFTCH Rosehill's Mr Speaker MH OS CCA FDHF and on bottom BIS BISS AM/Can CH Rush Hill's Haagen-Dazs CDX JH AX OAJ WCX VCX OS SDHF; Can CD WC. 
Daisy's Sire, Wyatt has a pedigree that speaks for itself.  Behind him are very well known outstanding dam's and sire's such a Bomber, Poker, Amber, and RV. 
Daisy brings together the whole package of temperament, beauty, brains, athletics, and aptitude.  Very smart and biddable, Daisy learns fast and rarely has to be shown twice.  She has remarkable water attitude and although only 48 lbs she has a half ton of power when performing agility or retrieving a bird.

We expect this litter to produce superior and versatile companions with outstanding temperament and athleticism.  We have a unique and remarkable puppy raising program incorporating ENS and an early learning program giving the puppies a substantial advantage for future success.  With a sound training program and good handling skills these puppies have the potential to be competitive at all levels.   
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Puppy Pedigree for this litter:
Daisy's two puppies were born July 5th 2011.
20oz. Male born @ 12:28 pm
15.65 oz. Female born @ 12:34 pm
Both are very healthy and active.
DaisyxRed puppies 1 day old
1 week
1 week
Thoughtful Daisy
First nail trim
Attentive Grand Dam
Scenting their first bird!
Male puppy
21/2 weeks
Female puppy 
21/2 weeks
This is what they do after being outside!!

My Grandson, Hunter
What are they looking at?
HighRoller Ocean Daze 
"Dazja" is owned and trained by Dave Douglas in Canada.  She is currently training for field trials.  In January, 2012 Dazja competed and won her puppy class in a picnic trial in Victoria, BC.
HighRoller Rip Tide 
"Hydro" is owned and training for obedience with Lois Ornat near St. Paul, MN.  Lois will also be doing some tracking and field work with Hydro.
January 12, 2012 
Hydro is 6 months
Dazja at 6 months